A.J. Johnson to remain a 'mainstay' on early downs for Broncos

Denver Broncos inside linebacker A.J. Johnson expects to remain a mainstay on early downs in 2020, and to continue to develop in coverage.

What It Means:

Johnson was a major contributor to the Broncos' defensive turnaround partway through the 2019 season. Following his insertion to the starting lineup, the team went 7-5 for the remainder of the season. He was a major player in stopping the run, and amassed 93 tackles in 12 games, as well as 5 tackles for a loss.

As Johnson noted in the interview, he did struggle in pass coverage, allowing an 81% completion rate to opposing pass catchers and 236 yards. The Broncos finished the season just about at league average when it came to defending against the pass, and will be aiming to return their once-dominant ways on defense.