2017 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: How Should the First Round Play Out?

The Philadelphia 76ers will likely make Markelle Fultz the top pick in Thursday's Draft. Who do the numbers tell us should go next?

Over a month ago, we debuted our first mock draft of the NBA Draft Lottery. In it, we detailed which player each team should select based on a numbers-driven need. For some, it was a lack of outside shooting, but for others it was poor rebounding or suspect defense.

No matter the statistical weakness, we did our best to bolster it with the young talent of this heralded draft class in hopes of improving each team. Whether that made fans happy is another issue entirely.

Thanks to the recent pick swap between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers, we now have a complete shift atop the draft order. Bryan Colangelo and the Sixers will make the first overall selection, while Danny Ainge's Celtics will pick third.

We've been left with little doubt as to who Philadelphia will add with the first overall selection, but how does that alter the dynamic of the first 14 picks? Who will go where? How will the rest of the first round shape up?

Using a combination of numbers from Sports Reference and -- in conjunction with DraftExpress' most recent prospect rankings -- we answer that question with what I'd like to call numberMock 2.0.