Shae Cronin @shaelson

Shae spends a lot of time consuming sports, food, music, and sporadically worthwhile pop culture. When he's not writing about hoops here at numberFire, you can find him backing his (mostly) depressing hometown Washington sports teams, as well as working to maintain a barely justifiable Twitter reputation.
Favorite Athletes

Tough question, but the list includes lots of Washington-area dudes.

Favorite Teams

Redskins, Wizards, Terps, Caps, Orioles, Towson Tigers, Everton

Bitter Rivals

The rest of the NFC East. And Duke.

Biggest Upset Ever

I'd probably manage to talk about Terps basketball circa 2002.

Best NFL Team Ever

The one that finished the season undefeated. Gotta be, right?

Lemieux or Gretzky?


Jordan or LeBron?


SNES or Genesis?

Sega Genesis

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